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Gamba, G. (2005) Role of WNK kinases in regulating tubular salt and potassium transport and in the development of hypertension. American Journal of Physiology, Renal Physiology, 288, F245-F252.


  • 标题: WNK1与原发性高血压相关性研究进展The Progress in the Study of the Correlation between the WNK1 Gene and Primary Hypertension

    作者: 王莉, 于赛华

    关键字: 原发性高血压, WNK1基因, Gordon综合征, 离子转运Essential Hypertension, Wnk1 Gene, Gordon Syndrome, Iron Transport

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.4 No.3, 2014-09-30

    摘要: WNK1是WNK家族中第一个被发现的成员,WNK1有多个转录起始位点,在不同的组织有不同的转录产物。进一步的研究发现,WNK1基因1号内含子大片段缺失可导致Gordon综合征。WNK1是肾脏中多个离子转运体和通道的调控蛋白,在维持肾脏钾钠氯离子平衡以及血压调控中起非常重要的作用,因此,WNK1基因被认为是原发性高血压的致病候选基因,并且WNK1的基因多态性可能与普通人群患原发性高血压的遗传易感性相关。本文综述了WNK1的来源、结构与功能,从不同层次阐述了WNK1与原发性高血压的相关性,目的在于指导降压药的临床用药方案及预测其药效。WNK1 was the first member found in WNK family; it has multiple transcription start sites and dif-ferent transcription products in different tissues. Further researches found that the deletion of Intein-1 in WNK1 gene can lead to Gordon syndrome. WNK1 is a regulatory protein of the renal iron transporters and channels, and plays a very important role in maintaining renal potassium, sodium and chlorine ions balance as well as the regulation of blood pressure, so the WNK1 gene is considered a key genes for essential hypertension. In addition, the WNK1 gene polymorphism may be linked to the susceptibility of the essential hypertension in general population. This review shows the source, structure and function of the WNK1, and investigates the correlation between primary hypertension and WNK1 aimed at guiding anti-hypertensive drugs clinical drug regiments and forecasts.