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李玉波, 王向东 (2005) 西部农村地区公共环境意识的调查与分析. 辽宁师范大学学报(自然科学版), 3, 352-354.


  • 标题: 新堤干渠水污染防治调查分析Questionnaire Survey about the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution in Xindi Canal

    作者: 张雅钦, 李珍, 封瑛, 许巍, 管硕, 杨伊默, 周亮, 谢冬冬

    关键字: 新堤干渠, 水质污染, 调查, 治理建议Xindi Canal, Water Pollution, Investigation, Treatment Advises

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.5, 2014-10-10

    摘要: 本文结合当地问卷调查的结果及相关调查资料分析了造成干渠水质污染的主要原因,并在此基础上提出改善干渠水环境的相关建议。分析结果表明,污染原因主要为以下几点:过度围网养殖,大量化肥未经农作物利用直接随地表径流进入干渠中,旅游产业带来垃圾污染以及居民环保意识薄弱。新堤干渠作为连接长江与洪湖的重要水渠,所以干渠的水污染防治对长江水污染治理有重要意义。In this paper, combining with the local questionnaire results and related survey data, the main causes of water pollution of the canal were analyzed, and we proposed some suggestions about the improvement of water quality based on them. The results showed that the reasons of pollution in-clude: excessive barrier net aquiculture; a large amount of chemical fertilizers without being used by crops flowing into the canal along with surface runoff; garbage pollution brought by the tourism industry and the lack of environmental protection awareness of residents. Xindi Canal is an important canal that connects the Yangtze River and Honghu Lake, so the water pollution control of the canal water has important implications for water pollution control of Yangtze River.