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戴浩, 何颖, 杜顺刚 (2010) 对菌种市场存在问题的调查与建议. 中国食用菌, 1, 62-63.


  • 标题: 食用菌菌种行业管理研究:以山东省为例Study on the Management of Edible Mushroom Strain Industry: Taking Shandong Province as an Example

    作者: 耿翔燕, 李敏, 胡继连

    关键字: 菌种, 行业管理, 问题, 建议Strain, Industry Management, Issue, Suggestion

    期刊名称: 《Sustainable Development》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-10-13

    摘要: 菌种的好坏直接影响食用菌的发展。山东省作为生产食用菌的第一大省,受价格体系、管理体制及政策等因素影响,在该新兴产业的管理上,特别是菌种行业的管理上尚不健全,导致菌种行业出现市场混乱、行业风险高等问题。为确保食用菌菌种行业的健康、持续发展,本文从建立信息平台、加大科研投入、促进合作建设、加强市场监管等方面提出行业管理建议,从而规范菌种市场,确保菌种质量。 The quality of strain has direct impact on the development of edible mushroom industry. Shandong Province ranks NO. 1 in production of edible mushroom nationwide. Due to the influence of price mechanism, administrative system and governing policies, defectives exist in Shandong Province’s management of the emerging edible mushroom industry, especially in sector on mushroom strain. Therefore it results in market disorders and high industry risks in the strain industry. In order to ensure healthy and sustainable development of edible mushroom strain industry, thereby regulate strain market and assure strain quality, suggestions on industry management were proposed accordingly. These suggestions focus on the following aspects: establishing information platform, increasing budget for scientific research, promoting founding of cooperatives, and enhancing market supervision.