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高闪电, 常惠芸, 独军政, 丛国正, 邵军军, 林彤 (2010) 转录介导的扩增技术及其在诊断中的应用. 中国生物工程杂志, 4, 120-124.


  • 标题: 结核分枝杆菌检测技术研究进展Research Progress in Detection Technology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    作者: 居金宏

    关键字: 结核分枝杆菌, 传统细菌学检测, 免疫学检测, 分子生物学检测Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Traditional Bacteriology Detection, Immunology Detection, Molecular Biology Detection

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.3 No.3, 2014-10-24

    摘要: 结核病是危害全球健康的一个重要的疾病,也是我国重大传染病之一,早期诊断和治疗是遏制结核病的关键环节。近年来随着生物技术的发展,结核病的诊断方法得到充分完善,新的检测技术不断涌现,特别是分子生物技术对于结核病的及时诊断以及病理研究具有重要意义。本文从传统细菌学检测、免疫学检测以及分子生物学检测三方面入手,对国内主要的检测技术作一综述,以期对医务人员以及研究着提供一些建议和思路。Tuberculosis (TB) is a notable disease as well as a major global health problem; it is also one of the major infectious diseases in our country. Early diagnosis and treatment is a key step in the process of stopping Tuberculosis. In recent years, with the development of biotechnology, the Tuberculosis diagnosis methods have been fully improved, more and more new detection methods are constantly emerging, especially the molecular biological techniques for timely diagnosis of Tuberculosis and pathological research is of great significance. This article summarizes the main domestic detection techniques from the traditional bacteriological, immunological and molecular biological detection aspects, to provide some suggestions and ideas for medical staff and researchers.