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黄敬峰, 李建龙 (1992) 天山北坡冬草场牧草产量与气象条件的统计分析. 植物生态学与地植物学学报, 3, 258- 265.


  • 标题: 草地植被生长气象条件综合模型在新疆草地生态气象服务中的应用Application of the Composite Model of Meteorological Conditions for Vegetation Growth to Ecology Meteorological Service for Grassland in Xinjiang

    作者: 傅玮东, 姚艳丽

    关键字: 新疆天然草地植被, 气象条件指数, 评价模型Natural Grassland Vegetation in Xinjiang, Meteorological Condition Index, Evaluation Model

    期刊名称: 《Open Journal of Natural Science》, Vol.2 No.3, 2014-10-27

    摘要: 利用全国天然草地植被生长气象条件综合评价模型,结合新疆牧草生长气象因子,计算了2013年和2014年新疆天然草地植被主要生长期气象条件指数,并对其同时段气象条件指数差值进行了对比分析、应用和效果检验。通过气象条件指数的年际对比,评价草地植被生长气象条件的优劣,结果表明,2年不同时间尺度的气象条件指数对比结果能够客观地反映2014年新疆天然草地植被生长气象条件的优劣分布,与实际产草量、株高的对比结果基本一致,结果符合实际,为保护和恢复草地生态环境提供了科学依据。 Using evaluation models of meteorological conditions for vegetation growth on natural grasslands in China, and combining meteorological factors of pasture growth in Xinjiang, the natural grassland vegetation indexes of meteorological conditions in major growth period in 2013 and 2014 in Xinjiang have been calculated, and the contrastive analysis, application and effect inspection among them have been made. Comparing the meteorological indices among years, the meteorological conditions for grassland vegetation growth can be evaluated. The results show that the grassland vegetation index of meteorological conditions in different time scales for two years can objectively reflect the distribution of meteorological conditions for the natural grassland vegetation growth in Xinjiang in 2014. It is basically identical with the actual yield and plant height. The model results conform to the reality. The established synthetic technology can provide the scientific foundation for protection and restoration of grassland ecological environment.