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王晨, 等 (2013) 毛竹构件含水率及其沿不同梯度的变化规律. 世界竹藤通讯, 4, 1-6.


  • 标题: 毛竹含水率的时空动态The Space-Time Dynamic of Phyllostachys pubescens Moisture Content

    作者: 蔡先锋, 于晓鹏, 曾莹莹, 李洪吉, 袁佳丽, 张汝民, 温国胜

    关键字: 毛竹, 含水率, 器官, 冠层Phyllostachys pubescens, Moisture Content, Organs, Canopy

    期刊名称: 《International Journal of Ecology》, Vol.3 No.4, 2014-11-03

    摘要: 为了从水分和营养物质积累与分配的角度探讨毛竹快速生长的机制,在浙江省杭州临安市青山,对5年生、3年生、1年生的毛竹在不同冠层(上、中、下)及不同器官(竹叶、秆、枝、鞭)的含水率进行了测定。结果表明:1) 竹叶的含水率为39%~66%,竹枝为26%~37%,竹秆为29%~46%,竹鞭为47%~60%,其中竹叶含水率最高,其次是竹鞭、秆、枝;2) 毛竹各器官含水率在4、5月份较高,5~6月达到最大值,9月份以后有所下降,10月份有所回升,均呈先升高后降低再回升的趋势。3) 竹秆、枝、叶、鞭各器官平均含水率均随竹龄的增加而减小,在快速生长期即4~5月含水率都呈上升趋势。In order to explore fast growth mechanism of bamboo on the angle of the accumulation and dis-tribution of moisture and nutrients, we determine the moisture content of bamboo at different ages (5 years, 3 years, 1 year) and in different canopys (the upper, middle and lower part) and organs (the leaf, stem, branch and whip) on the Castle peak in Lin’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Results show that, firstly, the moisture content of leaves is 39% - 60%; branch is 26% - 37%; stem is 29% - 46%; whip is 47% - 66%. Among them the leaf moisture content is the highest, followed by bamboo whip, stem and branches. Secondly, bamboo moisture content of different organs is higher in April and May. It achieves maximum in May and June, declines in September, and rebounds in October. Thirdly, different organs’ average moisture content of bamboo including stem, branch, leaf, whip all decreases with the increasing age. In the fast growing period which is between April and May, the moisture content is on the rise.