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黄勉, 蔡勤辉, 陈足金 (2006) 海豚肺脓肿病例. 中国兽医杂志, 9, 56.


  • 标题: 海狮纤维素性肺炎组织病理学观察The Histopathological Observation of Fibrinous Pneumonia in Sea Lion

    作者: 宋志琦, 孙艳明, 杨利峰, 周向梅, 赵德明

    关键字: 化脓性纤维素性肺炎, 海狮, 组织病理学观察Suppurative Fibrinous Pneumonia, Sea Lion, Histopathological Observation

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.3 No.3, 2014-11-11

    摘要: 纤维素性肺炎(Fibrinous Pneumonia)是以肺泡腔内有大量纤维素渗出为特征的一种急性肺炎。当机体抵抗力下降时,在纤维素性肺炎的基础上,常继发或并发化脓菌的感染,进一步引起肺组织发生坏死和形成脓肿。本病例中,眼观,海狮肺脏表面被覆灰白色纤维素性渗出物形成的假膜,胸腔内形成淡黄色或乳白的、豆渣样混有纤维素凝块的大片渗出物。光镜下,肺泡腔内出现大量网状纤维素,在纤维素网眼中可见大量炎性细胞、脱落的肺泡上皮细胞、红细胞。部分区域肺组织发生坏死和形成脓肿。肝脏发生局灶性坏死。鉴于国内尚无有关海狮化脓性纤维素性肺炎组织病理学观察的报道,故报告如下,供同行交流探讨。 Fibrinous pneumonia is a kind of acute pneumonia filling with cellulose in the alveolar space. When the body resistance is declined, based on the fibrinous pneumonia, pyogenic bacteria often induce secondary or concurrent infection, and further cause the formation of necrosis and abscess in the lung tissues. In this case, the lung is covered with gray fibrinous exudate and forms pseu-domembrane. It is full of light yellow or milky white exudate shaped like bean curd and mixed with fibrin clot in the thoracic cavity. Then, alveolar cavities appear a large number of reticular fibers, through which a large number of inflammatory cells, detached alveolar epithelial cells and red blood cells can be observed. Part of the lung tissue forms necrosis and abscess. Focal necrosis occurs in liver. Due to the fact that there is no relevant histopathological observation report of suppurative fibrinous pneumonia about sea lions in China, we summary the report as follows.