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Vail, M.D. and Withrow, S.J. (1996) Tumors of the skin and subcuta-neous tissue. In: Withrow, S.J. and MacEwen, E.G., Eds., Small Animal Clinical Oncology, 2nd ed., W.B. Saunders Company, Pennsylvania, 167-191.


  • 标题: 犬肩胛部皮肤皮脂腺瘤1例A Case of Canine Sebaceous Adenoma in Scapular Skin

    作者: 王继宏, 赵德明, 周向梅

    关键字: 皮脂腺瘤, 皮肤Sebaceous Adenoma, Skin

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.3 No.3, 2014-11-11

    摘要: 报告一例犬肩胛部皮肤皮脂腺瘤。患病犬为一只雌性哈士奇犬,10岁。肿物位于肩胛部后方皮下,豌豆大小,椭圆形不规则,表面菜花状。组织病理学观察发现肿物由小叶状增生的细胞组成,肿瘤细胞体积较大,细胞浆成分透明呈空泡状,小叶边缘区的细胞为贮存细胞。诊断为皮脂腺瘤。A case of sebaceous adenoma of the scapular skin of a huskies dog is described. Masses in scapular skin were found in a 10-year-old female huskies. Histopathological examination with H & E staining showed multiple lobulated tumor cells separated by connective tissues. Majority of cells are sebocytes, and few reserve cells. The pathological feature of the case supported the diagnosis of sebaceous adenoma.