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申瑞利 (2012) 浅析轮胎花纹对轮胎使用的影响. 露天采矿技术, B08, 83-85.


  • 标题: 轮胎花纹的初步分析与设计Preliminary Analysis and Design of the Tire Tread

    作者: 杨丽, 王颖颖, 余新蕊

    关键字: 轮胎花纹, 层次分析法, 向量归一化, 综合分析Tire Tread, AHP, Vector Normalization, Comprehensive Analysis

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.3 No.4, 2014-11-26

    摘要: 轮胎花纹是决定轮胎性能的重要因素,影响胎面花纹设计的因素较多,本文从常见影响车辆行驶的因素入手,采用层次分析模型确定每个因素的合适图纹。为避免层次分析法中过多的主观因素影响,采用向量归一化得到权重数据,计算机编程得到具体数据,数据比较后确定出每个因素的最适图纹;对各个因素下合适的基本轮胎花纹进行随机组合,形成一款新的胎面花纹,综合分析确立轮胎花纹的基本检索表。当同时知道车辆类型、路面条件、使用需求时,便可以根据本模型设计出一种合适的轮胎花纹。最后通过已有轮胎花纹对模型进行检验,证实本模型设计出的轮胎花纹符合实际生产的需要。 Tire tread is an important factor in determining tire performance. Many factors influence the design of the tread. By analysing the common factors that affect vehicle, we use the analytic hierarchy model to determine the appropriate pattern for each factor. To avoid excessive AHP subjective factors, we use vector normalized to obtain weight data, and computer programming to get specific data. After comparing the data, we determined the appropriate pattern for each factor. After random combinations of the various sub-factors of the optimal basic tire tread, we get a new tire tread and the basic retrieval table through comprehensive analysis. When we know the type of vehicle, road conditions, the use of demand, we can design a suitable tire tread according to this model. Finally, the model has been tested and confirmed that it can be used to design a tire tread in line with actual production.