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金鑫, 李晓军, 张兰江 (2009) 新疆克拉玛依市乌尔禾乡牛焦虫病的防治效果. 草食家畜, 1, 58-61.


  • 标题: 新疆部分地区牛环形泰勒虫病的防治动态分析Dynamic-Prevention Analysis of Theileria annulata Infection in Cattle in Part of Area, Xinjiang

    作者: 伊春阳, 郭庆勇, 杨红霞, 何晓东, 沙它尔•卡哈尔, 巴音查汗

    关键字: 环形泰勒虫病, 新疆部分疫区, 贝尼尔Theileriosis, Part of Area in Xinjiang, Diminazene Aceturate

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.3 No.4, 2014-11-28

    摘要: 环形泰勒虫病是一类蜱传性血液原虫病,在我国新疆地区的某些场该病发病率曾高达35%,死亡率高达46.4%,给作为中国最大畜牧业基地之一的新疆带来了不可估计的危害。本文对不同时间段新疆部分地区牛环形泰勒虫病的流行情况以及主要治疗药物进行了统计与分析,结果显示新疆部分地区牛环形泰勒虫病的发病率随着时间的推移而降低;贝尼尔在治疗该病方面应用最为广泛,治疗效果显著,因此得出贝尼尔是治疗我区牛环形泰勒虫病理想药物的结论。以期为新疆地区牛环形泰勒虫病的治疗提供更为可靠的依据。 Theileriosis is a kind of tick-borne protozoal disease of blood; in some field, incidence of the disease was as high as 35% and the mortality rate was as high as 46.4% in Xinjiang, bringing incalculable harm to Xinjiang which is one of the largest animal husbandry bases in China. In this paper, statistic and analysis of Theileriosis prevalence and primary drugs for therapy of different time periods in parts of Xinjiang were made; the result showed that Theileriosis incidence decreased over time; diminazene aceturate is most widely used, and its treatment effect is significant. It can be concluded that diminazene aceturate is the ideal drug for treating the Theileria annulata infection in this area, so as to provide more reliable basis for the treatment of Theileria annulata infection in part of area, Xinjiang.