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Soltani, N., Shropshire, C. and Sikkema, P.H. (2010) Sensitivity of leguminous crops to saflufenacil. Weed Technology, 24, 143-146.


  • 标题: 阴–非离子混合表面活性剂对紫花苜蓿吸收土壤中有机氯农药的影响Effect of Anionic-Nonionic Mixed Surfactants on Uptake of Organochlorine Pesticides from Soil by Alfalfa

    作者: 林静, 周溶冰, 吴卫红, 谢正苗

    关键字: 混合表面活性剂, 有机氯农药, 植物修复Mixed Surfactant, Organochlorine Pesticide, Phytoremediation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.6, 2014-12-01

    摘要: 采用盆栽试验法,研究了阴–非离子混合表面活性剂 SDBS-TX100、SDBS-TW80的配比与浓度对紫花苜蓿吸收有机氯农药(OCPs)的影响。结果发现,在SDBS与TX100、SDBS与TW80质量比(以下简称“配比”)为0:10,1:9,5:5,9:1时,总浓度在50~1000 mg•L−1能促进紫花苜蓿吸收积累OCPs,土壤OCPs去除率分别保持在50%、45%以上。混合表面活性剂对增强紫花苜蓿吸收OCPs的程度与混合表面活性剂类型、配比及浓度等密切相关。SDBS-TX100配比1:9对紫花苜蓿吸收OCPs有最大促进作用,且对植物生长无明显危害。SDBS-TW80在浓度50~300 mg•L−1时促进紫花苜蓿吸收OCPs且对植物无胁迫。去除土壤OCPs的研究中,施加SDBS-TX100系列表现优于SDBS-TW80系列。The uptake of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) by alfalfa in the presence of anionic-nonionic mixed surfactants SDBS-TX100 & SDBS-TW80 was studied in soils by pot experiment in a greenhouse. The results show that SDBS-TX100 & SDBS-TW80 mixtures with mass ratios of 0:10, 1:9, 5:5, and 9:1 could enhance the uptake of OCPs by alfalfa with the total concentration of 50 - 1000 mg•L−1, ac-cording to that the removal efficiency of OCPs keeps in 50% & 45% and more by alfalfa in soil. The mixed surfactants enhanced uptake of OCPs by alfalfa was closely related to the mixed surfactant form, as well as the ratio and concentration. The SDBS-TX100 mixture with a mass ratio of SDBS to TX100 at 1:9 had the greatest capacity in enhancing the uptake of OCPs, and no harm to plant growth. The SDBS-TW80 which concentration in 50 - 300 mg•L−1 promoted alfalfa’s absorption and had no harm to plant. In the research, SDBS-TX100’s performance is better than the SDBS-TW80.