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Bilasy, M.E., Oraby, M.A., Ismail, H.M., et al. (2012) Effectiveness of theophyl-line in preventing contrast-induced nephropathy after coronary angio-graphic procedures. Journal of Interventional Cardiology, 25, 404-410.


  • 标题: 对比剂肾病发病机制研究进展Progress in Mechanisms of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy

    作者: 吴佩琪, 席腾飞, 许志威

    关键字: 造影剂肾病, 危险因素, 发病机制, 综述Contrast-Induced Nephropathy, Risk Factor, Mechanism, Review

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-12-09

    摘要: 造影剂肾病(contrast-induced nephropathy, CIN)是造影剂的使用中最为严重的并发症,是院内发生急性肾功能不全的常见病因,严重威胁患者的健康。CIN常见的危险因素主要包括慢性肾功能不全、糖尿病及高龄等。CIN发病机制复杂,主要包括肾脏血流动力学改变、造影剂的直接肾毒性、肾小管阻塞以及免疫因素等,其中肾脏血流动力学改变和造影剂的直接肾毒性是CIN发生的关键因素。研究CIN发病的危险因素和病理生理机制,可为CIN的预防和治疗提供理论基础,开辟新途径和新方向,并减少介入诊断与治疗的副作用。本文旨在综述这些最新进展。Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN), one of the most severe complications after using contrast agent, is a common reason of acute renal insufficiency which occurs in hospital and a severe threat to human health. Common risk factors of CIN include chronic renal insufficiency, diabetes, age and else. The mechanisms of CIN are complex, including the change of haemodynamics of renal, direct renal toxicity of contrast agent, obstruction of kidney tubules and immunological factors. The changes of renal hemodynamic and direct renal toxicity of contrast agent are critical factors in the development of CIN. Studies on risk factors and mechanism of CIN provide theoretical basis for the prevention and treatment of CIN, indicate new direction, and help to reduce adverse effects after using contrast agent for diagnosis and treatment. The current paper is to review the most recent development.