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中央气象局 (2014)


  • 标题: 绿行动方案之研拟与实践Research and Practice of Green Action Program

    作者: 陈湘媛

    关键字: 永续校园, 绿行动方案, 校园规划, 绿社区Sustainable Campus, Green Action Program, Campus Planning, Green Community

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.6, 2014-12-09

    摘要: 本研究为一环境改造实验计划,操作对象为高中与周边社区。为改善逐渐恶化的实质环境,公部门近几年持续提出城乡改造计划,并由不同单位分别督导,在营建署推动的是[城乡新风貌],在教育部则是[永续校园]。鉴于中小学校园规划向来为学校行政单位主导,少有师生参与决策的机会,本研究配合[永续校园]与[生态社区]规划理念,提出校园与社区软硬件的环境改造构想,并尝试将永续的观念从校园推广至社区,在操作上则从传统上而下的规划模式,转而为下而上的操作型式,让校园空间的主要使用者以及社区居民,在规划之初即有充分表达意见的机会,以确切掌握环境议题,同时也从互动讨论中了解使用者的空间需求与愿景,将环境议题转化为绿色行动方案,具体提出改善构想。This research was an experimental project of environmental improvement. The study objects were the National Feng-Yuan Senior High School and its surrounding communities. The government con-tinues to propose urban and rural transformation plans to improve gradually deteriorating physical environment. Different sectors supervise these plans, for example, the Construction and Planning Agency leading the “Townscape Renaissance Project” and the Ministry of Education conducting the “Sustainable Campus”. Since school administration dominates campus planning for most of the cases, students and teachers rarely have opportunities to participate in decision-making. This study tried to propose hardware and software environment improving schemes for the campus and communities under the planning concepts of sustainable campus and eco-community. Furthermore, sustainable thought was promoted from campus to communities. Therefore, this case study was conducted as bottom-up instead of the traditional top-down planning pattern. The process not only provided the main users, including the residents, the chances to fully express their opinions at the beginning of planning, but also enabled the planners to handle the environmental issues more pre-cisely. Interactive discussions refined the space requirement and vision. Environmental issues was then successfully translated into a Green Action Program and practically improved under the sus-tainable concepts.