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唐治宏, 严巳杰, 蒙艳玫, 黄炳琼 (2008) 基于LabVIEW和LabSQL的煮糖参数测试数据库的设计与实现. 机械与电子, 6, 61-64.


  • 标题: 一种基于LabVIEW的水质多参数实时监测系统A Real-Time System for Monitoring Multi-Parameter of Water Quality Based on LabVIEW

    作者: 蒋上海, 魏彪, 汤斌, 赵敬晓, 毛本将, , 姜赞成, 罗继阳

    关键字: 水质监测, 多参数, LabVIEW, 实时Water Pollution Monitoring System, Multi-Parameter, LabVIEW, Real-Time

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.6B, 2014-12-23

    摘要: 我国水质污染令人担忧亟需加强检测与监管。本文针对水质监测以保护水环境的需要,利用LabVIEW直观的图形化编程语言,设计了一种水质多参数实时监测系统。该系统主要由USB光谱仪、传感器和上位机三大部分构成,以COD、TOC、氨氮、浊度、PH、BOD5、水温以及电导率为多参数测量指标,通过硬件和计算机软件的有机结合,实现了对水质多参数进行实时在线监测,即对水质多参数的监测显示、存储、历史数据查询等功能。研究结果表明,系统不仅能够进行水质多参数同时测量,而且还实现了水质监测仪器的虚拟化,充分利用了LabVIEW直观的图形化编程语言,将复杂的功能在“虚拟”的面板上实现,大大简化了硬件电路。这为操作简单、可靠性高且形象直观的水质多参数监测仪器设计提供了一种新的思路和方法。 Because of serious water pollution in our county, monitoring and supervision of water quality need to be strengthened. In this paper, we designed a real-time system for monitoring multi-parameter of water quality based on LabVIEW, which is intuitive and graphical programming language, to satisfy the need of environment protection. The system mainly composed of USB spectrometers, sensors and PC, implemented for real-time online monitoring of water quality parameters, including the display, storage, historical data query and other functions of water quality multi-parameter through the combination of computer software and hardware. It can measure eight parameters, such as COD, TOC, ammonia, turbidity, PH, BOD5, water temperature and conductivity. The result shows that the system, which can measure multi-parameter of water quality simultaneously, also can achieve virtualization of instrument for monitoring multi-parameter of water quality, implement complex functions on the “virtual” panel, and greatly simplify the hardware circuit by using intuitive graphical programming language of LabVIEW. A simple operation, high reliability and intuitive of water quality monitoring instrument of new method is provided.