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Karr, J.R. (1991) Biological integrity: A long-neglected aspect of water resource management. Ecological Applications, 1, 66-84.


  • 标题: 广东省东江河流系统健康诊断体系构建The Construction of Dongjiang River Health Diagnosis System in Guangdong Province

    作者: 吴龙华, 杨校礼

    关键字: 河流系统, 河流健康, 诊断体系, 广东东江River System, River Health, Diagnosis System, Dongjiang Rive of Guangdong Province

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.6B, 2014-12-23

    摘要: 东江河流系统承担向流域和香港供水的重任,其健康状态主要受外部作用的影响,并通过资源供给、水质保障、河流生态系统结构完整等系统状态的变化来表征。东江河流系统健康诊断是在确定东江河流系统健康内涵和特征的基础上,综合评估东江河流系统健康状态,查找病因,根据东江河流系统健康的变化发展趋势,进行健康预警。并利用相关数学方法和资料数据建立东江河流健康综合评价指标体系和评价模型、病因诊断模型和健康预警模型,从而形成科学的东江河流系统健康诊断体系。 Dongjiang river system of Guangdong Province takes on the important responsibility of water supply for its water basin and Hongkong. The state of river system health was affected mainly by external force, and it could be characterized by the resource supply, water quality and the structural integrity of river ecosystem etc. On the base of clearing concept and characteristics of river health, the health state of Dongjiang river system is compositively evaluated, and the illness of river system is diagnosed. According to the changing trends of river system health, the early- warning of the river system health was achieved. Using the data and mathematical method, the evaluation index system, the evaluation model, the model of cause of disease and the model of the early-warning of the river system health were built respectively, and the Dongjiang river health diagnosis system was constructed.