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刘黎慧, 杨应桥, 周朝昕 (2009) 移动床生物膜反应器处理生活污水的研究. 市政技术, 2, 161-164.


  • 标题: 移动床生物膜反应器处理小区灰水的试验研究Research of Gray Water Treatment with Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

    作者: 赫婷婷, 高靖伟, 李晶, 封莉, 张立秋

    关键字: 移动床生物膜反应器, 灰水, 悬浮填料填充比, 杂用水Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, Gray Water, Suspended Filler Filling Ratio, Miscellaneous Water

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.6B, 2014-12-23

    摘要: 本文采用移动床生物膜反应器(MBBR)处理住宅小区灰水,探讨了水力停留时间(HRT)、悬浮填料填充比、容积负荷等运行参数对MBBR反应器除污染性能的影响。试验结果表明,在模拟灰水的进水条件下(COD为100~200 mg/L、NH3-N约25 mg/L、TN约30 mg/L、TP为4~5 mg/L),MBBR工艺较适宜的参数范围为:HRT为2 h,悬浮填料填充比为30%~40%,容积负荷为1.25~3.84 kg COD/(m3·d)。在最佳参数范围条件下,MBBR反应器运行稳定后,COD和氨氮去除率均达到90%以上,TN去除率达到40%左右,TP去除率在30%~40%之间,出水水质能够满足城市杂用水水质标准(GB/T18920-2002)。 In this paper, the performance of using moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) treating gray water was investigated. And the effects of hydraulic retention time (HRT), suspended filler filling ratio, volume loading on the removal rates of pollutants in MBBR were also studied. The results showed that the influent parameters of simulated gray water were as follows: COD was about 100 - 200 mg/L, NH3-N was about 25 mg/L, TN was about 30 mg/L TP was 4 - 5 mg/L. The appropriate operational parameters were determined as HRT of 2 h, suspended filler filling ratio of 30%~40%, volume loading of 1.25 - 3.84 kg COD/(m3∙d). Under above conditions, the removal rates of COD, NH3-N in stable stage reached high level more than 90%. The removal efficiencies of TN and TP were 40% and 30%~40% respectively. The effluent of MBBR can meet the water quality standard for urban miscellaneous (GB/T18920-2002).