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安海云 (2007) 光伏并网发电系统中最大功率跟踪控制方法的研究. 硕士论文, 天津大学, 天津.


  • 标题: MW级光伏电站设计研究及探讨The Research and Discussion of MW-Class Photovoltaic Power Station Design

    作者: 徐进, 姚佳雨, 刘婉丽

    关键字: MW级光伏发电, PV电池组件, 并网逆变控制设备, 安全接口, 孤岛检测MW-Class Photovoltaic Power Generation, PV Cell Modules, Grid Inverter Control Equipment, Security Interface, Islanding Detection

    期刊名称: 《Clean Coal and Energy》, Vol.2 No.4, 2014-12-25

    摘要: 随着化石能源的日趋减少和环境污染的日趋严重,大功率太阳能发电的核心技术成为新能源研究领域的新热点之一。本文主要针对MW级光伏发电系统进行介绍并且提出一种切实可行的设计方案。该方案采用RS485通讯方式的监控装置,对工作环境、运行状态和运行参数进行实时监控,有效避免了孤岛效应、电压和频率异常等安全隐患。为了验证大功率光伏并网发电系统可行性,运用MATLAB/SIMULINK进行了仿真模拟,仿真与实验结果表明,本MW级光伏发电系统的设计方案不仅对MW级光伏电站的建设起到很好的启示和验证作用,而且对光伏发电系统的发展起到了进一步促进作用。本文研究详细,在已有数据基础上,运用MATLAB进行模拟,模拟结果对工程实践具有指导意义。 With the increasing reduction of fossil energy and the serious environmental pollution, the core technology of high-power solar power has become one of the new focuses of energy research. This article mainly aims at introducing the MW-class photovoltaic power generation system and putting forward a feasible design plan. The scheme adopted the monitoring device of RS485 communication mode, monitoring the working environment, operational status and operating parameters in real time, to effectively avoid islanding effect, abnormal voltage and frequency, and other potential risks. In order to verify the feasibility of high-power photovoltaic grid-connected power system, analogue simulation was done using MATLAB/SIMULINK; the simulation and experimental results showed that the MW-class photovoltaic power generation system is not only enlighten and validate the construction of MW-class photovoltaic power station, but also promote the development of photovoltaic power generation system. This paper has studied in detail using MATLAB simulation based on the existing data; the simulation results are of guiding significance for engineering practice.