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保继刚, 王宁, 马波等 (2013) 旅游学纵横: 学界五人对话录. 旅游教育出版社, 北京, 60, 95-97.


  • 标题: 旅游与哲学结合层面的开拓创新成果—《哲学视野中的旅游研究》评介Innovation Achievement of Combination of Tourism and Philosophy—Appraising “Tourism Research from the Philosophy Perspective”

    作者: 柳德才, 王晓倩

    关键字: 哲学视野, 旅游真谛, 自由, 异地身心自由的体验, 应用哲学Philosophical Perspective, Tourism Truth, Freedom, Experience of Freedom in Mind and Body in Another Place, Application Philosophy

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.4 No.1, 2015-02-13

    摘要: 旅游的本质何在?如果仅从旅游学本身或旅游学目前归属的管理学科的视角,恐怕很难找到真正答案。如果从旅游与哲学结合的层面和应用哲学的视角,可能不难探其真谛。《哲学视野中的旅游研究》一书系统、深入论述了“旅游是什么”这一根本问题。作者立足哲学视角与理论高度对旅游进行了新的定义,认为旅游的本质是“异地身心自由的体验”,“自由”是旅游本质的“始基”和“逻辑原点”,并用哲学观点进行了深层解释。该书兼具哲学透视力与旅游学术穿透力,其最大价值是对旅游学基本概念的一次“正本清源”,很好地探索了旅游的真谛。此书的问世既是对旅游学术领域知识的重要贡献,也是应用哲学研究领域的新进展。What is the essence of Tourism? If only from the perspective of the tourism itself or tourism man-agement disciplines currently belonged to, we are afraid it is difficult to find the real answer. But if from the perspective of the integration of tourism and philosophy and the application philosophy, it may be easy to explore its essence. “Tourism Research from the Perspective of Philosophy” dis-sertates systematically and deeply an essential issue of “what is tourism”. Based on the perspective of philosophy, the author puts forward the new definition of Tourism. He considers that the essence of tourism is “a kind of experience of freedom in mind and body in another place”, and that “freedom” is “the logic origin” of tourism essence, which is explained by philosophical point of view. This writing has stronger force of philosophy and academic penetration. The greatest value of the writing lies in its making order out of confusion of the basic concept of tourism. It explores the truth of tourism well. This book is a significant contribution to tourism academic field, and also is new progress in the field of applied Philosophy research.