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Koorey, G. (2002) Assessment of rural road simulation modeling tools. IPENZ Transportation Group Technical Conference, 1-12.


  • 标题: 车道占用对城市道路通行能力的影响分析Analysis on the Line Occupation Effects on Traffic Capacity

    作者: 王飞, 张春燕, 刘刚, 廖大双, 郑鹏

    关键字: 通行能力, 插值拟合, 方差分析, 微分方程, 车流量Road’s Capacity, Interpolation Fitting, Analysis of Variance, Differential Equations, Traffic Flow

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.4 No.1, 2015-02-25

    摘要: 文章分析了车道占用对城市交通能力的影响,在实验视频数据基础上建立方差分析模型和基于微分方程的多元回归模型,并对结果进行定性分析和定量计算。首先,通过观察案例视频得到与道路通行能力相关的数据,通过MATLAB插值拟合;其次,建立方差分析模型,进而探究了不同车道被占用对城市道路通行能力的影响差异。然后通过微分模型,给出了排队长度和事故横截面的实际通行能力、事故持续时间及路段上游车流量之间的关系;最后,将模型结果和实际结合,计算出实际事故持续时间。This paper analyzes the line occupation effects on traffic capacity, and establishes ANOVA model and multiple regression model built on differential equations based on the video data, and do qualitative analysis and quantitative calculations for results. Firstly, the data which was associated with road capacity was obtained by observing the video; then through MATLAB, inter-polation fitting was done. Secondly, it established variance analysis model, and then explored the impact of different occupied lanes on traffic capacity. Then by using the differential model, the re-lationship among vehicle queue length, traffic capacity, traffic accident time and traffic flow was obtained. In the end, combining the theory of model with practice, the duration of the actual acci-dent was calculated.