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张勇传. 水电站经济运行原理[M]. 北京: 中国水利水电出版社, 1998.


  • 标题: 湘江流域近尾洲水电厂发电效益评价策略Power Generation Efficiency Evaluation Strategy for Jinweizhou Hydropower Plant on Xiangjiang River

    作者: 万元, 邝录章

    关键字: 日调节, 水电厂, 发电效益, 评价, 来水情况Daily Regulation; Hydropower Plant; Power Generation Efficiency; Evaluation; Incoming Water Situation

    期刊名称: 《Sustainable Energy》, Vol.2 No.1, 2012-01-18

    摘要: 鉴于水电厂的发电效益与实际来水情况密切相关,提出根据全年实际来水情况评价日调节水电厂发电效益的新思路,建立湘江流域近尾洲水电厂发电效益评价策略:以时段平均入库流量为基础,考虑电网的丰–枯、峰–谷电价,各时段电厂机组检修台数、限制水位、限制出力等多约束条件,运用增量动态规划原理,计算湘江流域近尾洲水电厂在年度确定来水情况下的理想发电效益动态曲线及其对应的发电量动态曲线,并与电厂实际发电量及发电效益进行对比分析,以此作为电厂月度、年度发电任务完成情况与员工绩效考核的标准。在此基础上,自主研制了近尾洲水电厂发电效益评价系统,构建了系统的软件平台。 As the power generation efficiency of hydropower plant is closely related to the actual incoming water situation, the new thinking, which evaluates power generation efficiency of the daily regulation hydropower plant according to its actual incoming water situation in one year , has been proposed in this paper, and the power generation efficiency evaluation strategy for Jinweizhou hydropower plant on Xiang river has been built, the strategy is based on the average hour flow into reservoir for the hydropower plant, takes full consideration of rainy-dry, peak-valley electric price and multi-constraints including plant discharge limit from reservoir, water level limit, the sets capacity limit, output power limit, etc, and then makes use of the incremental dynamic programming principle, to finally calculate the idea dynamic curve including the idea dynamic power generation efficiency curve and its corresponding power curve, at last, the comprehensive comparison and analysis between the idea dynamic curve and the actual dynamic curve (including the actual dynamic power generation efficiency curve of the daily regulation hydropower plant and its corresponding power curve) was conducted, which was used as the appraisal criteria of power generation completion situation and employee performance of the Jinweizhou hydropower plant. On this basis, the system to evaluate power generation efficiency of Jinweizhou hydropower plant has been self-developed by Wuling Power Corporation, and the system’s software platform has been built.