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Jung, G., Mugnier, J., Diem, H.G. and Dommergues, Y.R. (1982) Polymer-entrapped rhizo-bium as an inoculant for legumes. Plant and Soil, 65, 219-231.


  • 标题: 根瘤菌剂现存问题初探Preliminary Discussion on Problems of Rhizobium Inoculants

    作者: 李剑峰, 张淑卿, 杜建雄, 韩晗, 张丽丽

    关键字: 根瘤菌, 商用菌剂, 污染, 产品质量Rhizobium, Commercial Inoculants, Contamination, Product Quality

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.4 No.1, 2015-03-11

    摘要: 根瘤菌有促进豆科作物生长及产量的作用,能减少施用化肥带来的副作用并降低农业生产的成本。目前,根瘤菌的实际应用受到部分菌剂产品质量因素的限制。本文就商用根瘤菌剂应用中遇到的菌种选育效率低、菌剂污染率高、有效期短等问题予以探讨,为根瘤菌剂的深入研究和应用提供一些参考。 Rhizobium is found excellent in promoting growth and yield of legume crops, which decreases the cost of agricultural production and the side effect of chemical fertilizer application. Currently, Rhizobium inoculants have not been widely used in agriculture. Currently, the practical applications of Rhizobium are restricted by quality factors of some inoculants. In this paper, we discussed briefly the factors such as low strain breeding efficiency of Rhizobium, serious contamination and short shelf life of inoculants, to provide some reference to the further research and application of commercial Rhizobium inoculants.