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孙冬梅, 朱岳明, 张明进, 等 (2008) 考虑气相影响的降雨入渗过程分析研究. 岩土力学, 29, 2307-2313.


  • 标题: 非饱和土渗流研究进展Research Progress of Unsaturated Soil Seepage

    作者: 刘朋飞, 孙一博

    关键字: 非饱和, 渗流, 饱和度Unsaturated, Seepage, Saturation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.5 No.2, 2015-04-27

    摘要: 非饱和渗流在岩土工程中广泛应用,同时也是岩土工程中的热点难点,而精确评价非饱和渗流,对岩土计算提高精确度有重要作用。根据大量文献资料,从非饱和渗流的数值解、饱和度、变形及封闭气泡等四个方面对非饱和渗流的的特性进行回顾研究进展,并指出目前我国该研究存在的问题,最后对研究作了展望。Unsaturated seepage is not only widely used in geotechnical engineering, but also a hot problem. And accurate evaluation seepage has an important role in improving the accuracy of geotechnical calculation. The paper reviews the characteristics retrospectively according to a large amount of literature, from the unsaturated seepage numerical solution, saturation, deformation and occluded bubbles four aspects, then points out the existing problems at present in our country, and at last discusses the future prospect.