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Marcove, A. (1982) 17-year review of cryosurgery in the treatment of bone tumors. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 4, 231-234.


  • 标题: 液氮对Wistar大鼠股骨斜型骨折愈合的影响The Healing Effect of Nitrogen on Wistar Rats Femoral Oblique Fracture

    作者: 张弓剑, 董乐乐

    关键字: 液氮, 液氮冷冻技术, UMR-106, Wistar大鼠, 骨肉瘤动物模型Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Technology, UMR-106, Wistar Rats, Animal Models of Osteosarcoma

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.5 No.2, 2015-04-30

    摘要: 目的:利用低温液氮冷冻处理从6周龄正常Wistar大鼠股骨中上段截取的实验骨块20 min后,快速复温取下的骨块,经过常规消毒处理复位,观察低温液氮对Wistar大鼠股骨斜型骨折愈合的影响。方法:6周龄Wistar大鼠10只随机分成两组,A组空白对照组5只,B组实验处理组。通过常规无菌手术处理两组Wistar大鼠右后肢股骨中上段,A组手术制造斜型骨折模型取出骨折标本进行生理盐水浸泡20 min处理后常规消毒后复位,B组手术制造斜型骨折模型取出骨折标本进行低温液氮冷冻处理20 min后迅速27℃无菌生理盐水复温后再常规消毒后复位。结果:实验研究发现,实验组的股骨实验标本回植到Wistar大鼠体内后,数周后观察骨质正常生长,骨折线生长完好,与空白对照组生长恢复情况经过统计学分析,无明显差别,无统计学意义(P > 0.05)。结论:通过实验研究发现液氮冷冻技术对Wistar大鼠正常骨骨折愈合的正常生长无影响,可以应用到未来临床研究。 Objective: Using the treatment of low temperature and frozen in liquid nitrogen from the 6-week- old normal Wistar rat femur bone in experimental 20 min upper intercept, rapid recover bone block temperature from the conventional disinfection, after reset, to observe the healing effect of nitrogen on Wistar rats femoral oblique fracture. Methods: Ten 6-week-old Wistar rats were randomly divided into two groups, group A had five Wistar rats that was blank control group, group B was an experimental group. By routine aseptic operation treatment of two groups of Wistar rat right hind femur, A group operation manufacturing oblique fracture model out fracture specimens were immersed in saline at 20 minutes after routine disinfection after the reduction, B group operation manufacturing oblique fracture specimens were frozen in liquid nitrogen removal at low temperature 20 minutes rapidly after 27˚C of sterile saline after rewarming and after routine disinfection fracture reduction model. Results: Experimental study found that the experimental group, femoral specimens were reimplanted into Wistar rats, a few weeks after the observation of normal growth, the growth of the fracture line intact, and the blank control group growth recovery after statistical analysis; there was no significant difference or statistical significance (P > 0.05). Conclusion: Through the experimental study of liquid nitrogen freezing technology has no effect on the Wistar rats of normal bone fracture healing of normal growth, the future will be applied to the clinical treatment.