AEPE  >> Vol. 3 No. 4 (August 2015)


胡海兰:兰州石化公司研究院,甘肃 兰州

锅炉排烟氧含量炉效率节能Boiler Flue Gas Oxygen Content Boiler Efficiency Energy Saving



The power boiler fuel, mechanical and other systems of a Petrochemical Industries Co. are more complex, and the air quantity is difficult to control, resulting in higher oxygen content in exhaust gas. Boiler thermal efficiency is low. We maintained primary air and secondary air damper jam phenomenon, calibrated flow meter and furnace oxygen content table to ensure the accuracy of the measurement and maintained the air leakage points of watching the fire hole. We also repaired the dry gas flow control system, a control system of the induced draft fan damper and the control system of coal feeder’s coal flow, and put them into use. We reduced oxygen content and improved the thermal efficiency of boiler. That achieved good results. It can make the device significantly reduce energy consumption and saves 1800 tons of coal a year. Annual economic benefit is 1,036,000 RMB.

胡海兰. 降低锅炉排烟氧含量[J]. 电力与能源进展, 2015, 3(4): 92-97.