CnC  >> Vol. 2 No. 1 (March 2014)

    Chinese Studies’ Theories of Life Orientation and Individual Image and Its Modern Meaning

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人生定位个体形象君子孔子标准像美人Life Orientation; Individual Image; Gentleman; Confucius Standard Resembles; Beauty



Under the current of ceaselessly developing world education, Sinological theory of life orientation and individual image should be attached importance to constantly. In order to stimulate a reformation, the theory should also be researched properly. This theory system is based on an abstract life orientation named “gentleman”. “Gentleman” orientation contains a range of specific and systematic noble connotations, including those individuals who want to imitate the Confucian standard image of voice and countenance, words and deeds. Based on the critical acceptance of “gentleman” orientation, the modern goal and new theory of talent training should be constructed. With these aforementioned efforts, according to the theory of “beauty” education, the scientific development view will be thoroughly implemented on education.

陈功伟. 国学人生定位和个体形象理论及其现代意义[J]. 国学, 2014, 2(1): 1-6.