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    DNA Clustering Distribution Measured with Probability under Nonlinear Function

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DNA聚类概率值非线性函数基因组序列Cluster of DNA Probability Value Nonlinear Function Genome Sequence



Typical clustering analysis can make similarity data together and show the use of the same or different spatial distribution of fragments presented in the sequence. This paper deals with DAN sequences from different sources using statistical calculations and projection characteristics grouped in three different nonlinear functions of the probability value measurements, getting a visual on the genetic characteristics of the formation of the cluster distribution. Comparison showed that similar stratification had the same trend and complementary characteristics at a higher level, but there are obvious differences between the distributions of different types of gene sequences.

杜磊, 郑智捷. 在非线性函数下的DNA概率测量聚类分布[J]. 软件工程与应用, 2014, 3(3): 41-49.


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