HJCET  >> Vol. 4 No. 5 (September 2014)

    Study on Stripping Technology of Crude Oil Stabilizer

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张 航,贾慧宇:东北石油大学, 大庆

汽提技术轻烃收率工艺模拟Stripping Technology Light Hydrocarbon Recovery Rate Processing Simulation


目前大庆油田负压原稳装置能耗高、效益差,提高收率、降低产品单耗具有较大的潜力和较好的经济效益。为此,用aspen plus软件对汽提技术在原稳装置上的应用进行了模拟。结果表明:汽提效果与温度、汽提气流量、轻烃流量之间存在重要关系,根据实验结果对稳定塔进行改造后可提高轻烃回收率。

Daqing Oilfield crude oil stabilization process is in state of high energy consumption and the low benefit, but we still have much potential to increase the recovery rate and decrease the energy consume, then we can gain more economic benefit. For this reason, we can use aspen plus to si-mulate the stripping technology in the application of stabilizing device. The results show the effect of stripping is under the influence of the temperature, the stripping gas flow and the flow of light hydrocarbon; the light hydrocarbon recovery rate can be improved after the modification of stable tower based on the results.

张航, 贾慧宇. 原油稳定装置汽提技术研究[J]. 化学工程与技术, 2014, 4(5): 63-67. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJCET.2014.45008