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    Early Stress Fatigue Analysis of the Taper-Leaf Spring

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成 龙,崔俊杰:中北大学,太原;

变截面钢板弹簧早期应力疲劳CAE分析性能优化设计Taper-Leaf Spring Early Stress Fatigue CAE Analysis Performance Optimization Design



Due to its light weight and low costing, taper-leaf spring has been widely used in automobiles, es-pecially in commercial vehicles. However, the early stress fatigue fracture problem is always in the designation of the taper-leaf spring and conventional design methods cannot solve the problem well. According to the basic design parameters of the taper-leaf spring used in some models which have fracture problems, some 3D simplified models with different materials and different parabola coefficients are set up in CATIA. Then, these models are put into the software of finite element analysis—ANSYS to calculate and output the results of displacement and Von-Mises stress. In the end, plenary statics analysis is done to the input models. For taper-leaf spring, the stress fatigue most likely occurs in its parabolic part and its root, which are the vulnerable spots of the leaf spring designation. The analysis results indicate that the CAE technology based on finite element analysis can be a better solution and provides a basis for the performance optimization design of the actual production of the leaf spring.

成龙, 崔俊杰, 单小伟. 变截面钢板弹簧早期应力疲劳问题分析[J]. 机械工程与技术, 2014, 3(3): 83-89.