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    From “Seeking Exotic Dream” to “The Farewell of Exotic Dream”—The Influence of the Two Chinese Line on Tanizaki Fumimanabu’s Creation

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裴 蕾:华侨大学外国语学院,福建 泉州

谷崎润一郎异国情调中国趣味日本传统美Tanizaki Junichiro Exotic Dream Chinese Mood Japanese Traditional Beauty



Tanizaki Junichiro who is the Japanese literary generation writer inherited and developed the Japanese aestheticism literature, known as the “big Qi”. He had repeatedly been nominated for Nobel Prize candidate. He advocated “art is the first, second is the life”, and adhered to “art is su-preme” aesthetic standards. He devoted all his life to the pursuit of “exotic”, and created a lot of “Chinese fun” novels based on China as the stage. He has been to China twice, but the two visits have produced opposite effects on his creation. This paper intends to analyze the reasons for the creation of the relationship between Yazaki Junichiro and the two time of his creation.

裴蕾. 从“追寻异域梦”到“与梦幻异域的诀别”——论两次中国行对谷崎润一郎文学创作的影响[J]. 世界文学研究, 2015, 3(2): 34-38. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/WLS.2015.32006