CCE  >> Vol. 3 No. 4 (December 2015)

    Analysis and Solution of Lock Hopper Discharge Vibration of Coal Gasification in Quench Process

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孙得浩,邹 杰,潘云阳:万华化学(宁波)有限公司,浙江 宁波

煤气化锁斗排渣振动解决方案Coal Gasification Lock Hopper Discharge Vibration Solutions



Coal water slurry gasification and chilling of pulverized coal gasification process adopt the lock hopper discharge process and are both facing a common problem that the vibration of lock hopper discharge is very obvious. The vibration changes as the process piping of each is different. In recent years, the design institute and coal gasification company have tested different kinds of solutions to solve the vibration of lock hopper, such as adding elastic support or corrugated hose, changing the way of flushing water pipe etc. All these solutions have some certain effects, but the problem still can’t be essentially solved. The vibration to high temperature and high pressure pipeline system, the equipment safe operation brings great risk. This article thoroughly solves this problem by analyzing the root cause of vibration.

孙得浩, 邹杰, 潘云阳. 煤气化激冷流程锁斗排渣振动分析与解决方案[J]. 清洁煤与能源, 2015, 3(4): 31-36.