Preparation and Photoelectric Properties of SnO2:Nb Composite Thin Films
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作者: 何瑞英, 魏长平*, 伞 靖:长春理工大学化学与环境工程学院,吉林 长春
关键词: SnO2:Nb溶胶–凝胶复合薄膜功能材料SnO2:Nb Sol-Gel Composite Thin Films Functional Materials
摘要: 采用溶胶–凝胶法制备SnO2:Nb复合溶胶,使用旋涂法将其镀于普通玻璃片上,经干燥、热处理制得均匀的SnO2:Nb复合薄膜,其它条件不变,探究不同Nb掺杂量、热处理温度对样品薄膜结构、形貌以及光学、电学性质的影响。采用XRD、XPS、SEM等技术手段对所制得的薄膜进行表征。结果表明:煅烧温度为500℃时,SnO2:Nb薄膜微粒的结晶度较高,粒径小,膜层分布均匀;用紫外–可见分光光度计和四探针电阻仪对其进行光学、电学性能测试,UV-Vis光谱表明,SnO2:Nb薄膜在近紫外光区吸光度有明显的增加,但随着Nb5+掺杂量的增加,薄膜吸光度呈现下降的趋势;电导率测试结果表明:Nb5+掺杂量为8% (物质的量)时,SnO2:Nb复合薄膜的导电性最好。
Abstract: By using sol-gel method, SnO2:Nb gel was prepared, and spin coating method was used to coat on glass substrates, which dried and calcined to obtain a homogeneous SnO2:Nb composite films. Under the same experimental conditions, the different doping amount of niobium, calcination temperature on the structure and morphology of SnO2:Nb film were discussed. By using XRD, XPS, SEM and other testing methods, the structure and morphology of SnO2:Nb composite film were characterized. At 500˚C, the film particle had high crystallization and small size, and the surface of the film was well-distributed. Its optical and electrical properties were tested by the ultraviolet-visi- ble spectrophotometer and four-probe resistivity meter. UV-Vis spectra showed that SnO2:Nb film absorbance in the near ultraviolet region had increased significantly, but the absorbance showed a downward trend with the increasing amount of Nb5+ doped; Conductivity analysis showed that Nb5+ doping amount of 8% (the amount of material), the conductivity of SnO2:Nb composite films was best.
文章引用:何瑞英, 魏长平, 伞靖. SnO2:Nb复合薄膜的制备及光电性能研究[J]. 自然科学, 2016, 4(1): 28-34.


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