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    Silver-Promoted Cyclization of α-Aminoacetophenone with NH4PF6: Synthesis of 2-Arylformylimidazole Derivatives

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王祚辉,程晓雪,王 浩,凌心茹,赵晨晨,胡茂林:温州大学化学与材料工程学院,浙江 温州

α-氨基芳乙酮咪唑缩合反应环化反应氧化脱胺α-Aminoacetophenone Imidazole Condensation Cyclization Oxidative Deamination



A new method for AgOAc-oxidative cyclization of α-aminoacetophenones with NH4PF6 leading to 2-arylformylimidazoles derivatives has been developed. Under the optimal reaction conditions, a wide range of 2-arylformylimidazoles derivatives were synthesized in moderate to good yields ranging from 52% to 93%. These products were confirmed by IR, NMR and MS. The results show that this method has advantages such as the availability for raw materials and simple chemical operations.

王祚辉, 程晓雪, 王浩, 凌心茹, 赵晨晨, 胡茂林. 银促进的α-氨基芳乙酮与NH4PF6的缩合环化反应:2-芳甲酰基咪唑衍生物的合成研究[J]. 有机化学研究, 2016, 4(1): 6-12.


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