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    Research on the Construction of Rural Electricity Suppliers Logistics Service Quality Index System

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农村电子商务物流物流服务质量Rural Area Electronic Commerce Logistics Logistics Service Quality



Based on the literature about logistics service quality at home and abroad, according to the SERVQUAL scale, LSQ model and the characteristics of rural electricity logistics service, this paper firstly builds 5 dimensions and 22 multi-item rural electricity index system of logistics service quality; secondly, according to the theory of measure the dimension of the model and index to form scale and questionnaire research, the measurement system and filter of model is verified by using correlation analysis; the index system is reasonable by eliminating five indicators; finally, we put forward several proposals for electric business and logistics enterprises to improve the quality of the convenience and economical service level.

张林凤, 张德海. 农村电商物流服务质量指标体系的构建研究[J]. 管理科学与工程, 2016, 5(1): 51-59.


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