Degree Based Topological Index Calculation of Pent-Heptagonal Nanotubes
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作者: 何 静*, 高 炜:云南师范大学信息学院,云南 昆明
关键词: Pent-Heptagonal纳米管分子图广义Randi?指数广义Zagreb指数Pent-Heptagonal Nanotube Molecular Graph Generalized Randi? Index Generalized Zagreb Index
摘要: 拓扑指数是分子结构数值化的一种方式,它能充分反映分子图的连接信息和化学环境,能有效地表达化合物的结构与性质。本文利用边集划分技术,得到Pent-Heptagonal纳米管若干基于度的拓扑指数。
Abstract: Topological index is an available numerically way of the molecular structure, it can fully reflect the molecular graphs connection information and chemical environment, can effectively express the structure and properties of the compounds. In this paper, by means of edge set partitioning technique, we obtain several topological indices of Pent-Heptagonal nanotubes.
文章引用:何静, 高炜. Pent-Heptagonal纳米管基于度的拓扑指数计算[J]. 理论数学, 2016, 6(3): 143-150.


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