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    The Design of Experiment on Image Inpainting Using Structure Sparisity

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胡 晨,于文静,张晓宇,方 成,杨尊涵,陈宁:华东理工大学电子与信息实验教学中心,上海

图像修复结构稀疏稀疏表达Image Inpainting Structure Sparisity Sparisity Expression



The investigation on the sparisity of natural image is the basis of image inpainting using structure sparisity of images. The experiment is designed to deepen students’ understanding about the concept of structure sparisity and the implementation to the image inpainting technology. In the experiment, the conception and implementation of structure sparisity and sparisity expression are introduced to achieve image inpainting by image patch sparisity. The experiments and comparisons with the classical algorithm are performed. In the paper, the process, virtue and shortage of inpainting in different inpainting algorithms are compared, which is helpful for students to understand the process and the meaning of image inpainting.

胡晨, 于文静, 张晓宇, 方成, 杨尊涵, 陈宁. 基于结构稀疏的图像修复实验设计[J]. 教育进展, 2016, 6(3): 120-127.


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