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    Effect of Post-Anneal and NaClO Oxidation on the Properties of SrCoOx Epitaxial Thin Films

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江正华,史志界,周 浩,汤如俊:苏州大学物理与光电•能源学部,江苏 苏州

SrCoOx薄膜后退火氧化电阻率磁学性质SrCoOx Thin Film Post-Anneal Oxidation Resistivity Magnetic Properties


本文采用固相反应法制备了SrCoO2.8块材,又利用脉冲激光沉积技术(PLD)在(001)取向的(LaAlO3)0.3-(SrAl0.5Ta0.5O3)0.7 (LSAT)上制备外延良好的SrCoO2.5薄膜。通过对薄膜微结构和形貌的表征,我们发现后退火和NaClO氧化都能有效地提高薄膜氧含量,但对薄膜的结构有着不同程度的影响。在性质方面,后退火的SrCoOx薄膜是半导体,磁场矫顽力较大;而NaClO氧化后的薄膜表现为金属性,饱和磁化强度明显提高。

SrCoO2.8 target was prepared with the conventional solid state reaction method and epitaxial SrCoO2.5 thin films were deposited on (001) (LaAlO3)0.3-(SrAl0.5Ta0.5O3)0.7 (LSAT) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. Through the study of micro structure and pattern of surface, we find that post-anneal and oxidation of NaClO can both effectively improve the oxygen content of SrCoOx thin films, but have different effects on the film structure. When it comes to physical properties, annealed SrCoOx film is a semiconductor and the coercivity is larger than other samples. The sample oxidized by NaClO shows metallic properties and saturation magnetization is improved obviously.

江正华, 史志界, 周浩, 汤如俊. 后退火及NaClO氧化对外延SrCoOx薄膜性质的影响[J]. 应用物理, 2016, 6(10): 219-225.


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