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    The Analysis of Minimum Spanning Tree of Proto-Oncogene Network

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韦芳萍:广西大学物理科学与工程技术学院,广西 南宁;
蓝贞雄:广西师范学院计算机与信息工程学院,广西 南宁

原癌基因CVTree方法复杂网络最小生成树Proto-Oncogene Sequence CVTree Method Complex Network Minimum Spanning Tree



Human proto-oncogene is a gene which has a very close relationship with human cancer. It is possible to make the normal cells cancerous and cause cancer, when the structure of human proto-oncogene changed or it is over-expressed. Using the complex network theory to study the evolutionary and genetic relationship between proto-oncogene and cancer, the research shows that the conclusion is in good agreement with the actual situation. This paper studies the evolutionary and genetic relationship of the proto-oncogene sequence through constructing complex network and working out the method of minimum spanning tree network according to Prim algorithm, and analyzing three main parameters of network, average degree, average cluster coefficient, and average shortest path.

韦芳萍, 蓝贞雄. 原癌基因网络的最小生成树分析[J]. 生物物理学, 2016, 4(4): 49-55.


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