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    Research Progress on MoS2 Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition

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王 洁,陈秋月,张永平:西南大学材料与能源学部,重庆

过渡族金属硫化物MoS2化学气相沉积纳米材料Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides MoS2 Chemical Vapor Deposition Nanostructured Materials



Nanostructured MoS2, a two dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides, has found extensive application in phtotoelectricity, visible light catalysts, lubricity and friction performance because of its unusual physical and chemical properties. Chemical vapor deposition is one of the most practical methods to prepare the large area and high quality MoS2 among all the physical or chemical methods. This paper reviews the effect of the reaction time, carrier gas flow rate, stoichiometric ratio of precursors and substrate position on the morphology and structure of MoS2. Two- dimensional layered MoS2 may find optimal utilizations since its property varies significantly with different structures.

王洁, 陈秋月, 张永平. 化学气相沉积法制备MoS2的研究进展[J]. 材料化学前沿, 2017, 5(1): 1-10.


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