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    Synthesis, Structure and Fluorescence of Two Coordination Polymers Based on 1-Triazole-4-Tetrazole Benzene

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房小钰,吴 宁,陈欣雨,严 政:嘉兴学院,浙江 嘉兴

多孔配位聚合物1-三氮唑-4-四氮唑苯有机配体自组装Porous Coordination Polymers (PCPs) 1-Triazole-4-Tetrazole Benzene Ligands Copper (I) Salt Silver (I) Self-Assembly



Recently, porous coordination polymers (PCPs) have attracted great interest on account of their potential application in gas storage and separation, and as optoelectronic and magnetic materials. In this work, by utilizing the 1-Triazole-4-Tetrazole Benzene ligands with copper (I) salt and silver (I), we have successfully constructed two novel PCPs. Efforts have been focused on the exploration of self-assembly and the relationship between structures and properties.

房小钰, 吴宁, 陈欣雨, 严政. 两个基于1-三氮唑-4-四氮唑苯的配位聚合物的合成、结构及荧光性[J]. 物理化学进展, 2017, 6(1): 17-25. https://doi.org/10.12677/JAPC.2017.61003


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