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    Rapid and Efficient Synthesis of 2-Phenyl Imidazolines under Ultrasonic Acceleration

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洪亮:浙江永宁药业股份有限公司,浙江 台州;
胡纯琦:浙江永宁药业股份有限公司,浙江 台州;绍兴文理学院,浙江 绍兴

2-苯基咪唑啉超声合成一锅合成法快速后处理2-Phenylimidazoline Ultrasonic Synthesis One-Pot Synthesis Rapid Post-Treatment


目的:快速高效且温和地合成2-苯基咪唑啉衍生物。方法:苯甲醛及取代苯甲醛为反应底物,和乙二胺在NBS的催化下,以超声合成各类2-苯基咪唑啉。结果:以二氯甲烷15毫升为反应溶剂,超声条件为25 min,反应结束直接过滤即得产物,产率为78.1%~99%。结论:该方法可以迅速温和地制备该类小分子化合物。

Objective: To synthesize 2-phenylimidazoline derivatives rapidly and efficiently. Methods: Ben-zaldehyde and substituted benzaldehydes were used as the reaction substrate, and ethylenedia-mine was used as the catalyst to synthesize 2-phenylimidazolines by ultrasound. Results: 15 ml dichloromethane as the reaction solvent, reaction under ultrasonic conditions for 25 min, after the termination of the reaction directly filtered product, the yield was 78.1% - 99%. Conclusion: This method can rapidly and mildly prepare such small molecular compounds.

洪亮, 胡纯琦. 超声加速下2-苯基咪唑啉的高效合成[J]. 药物化学, 2017, 5(1): 11-15. https://doi.org/10.12677/HJMCe.2017.51002


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