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    Four-Body Co-Circular Central Configurations with Two Pairs of Adjacent Equal Masses

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马明俊,邓义杨:四川大学数学学院,四川 成都

四体共圆问题中心构型等腰梯形Four-Body Co-Circular Problem Central Configurations Isosceles Trapezoid



In 2012, Cors and Roberts [1] showed that the four-body co-circular central configuration is an isosceles trapezoid when two pairs of adjacent masses are equal. However, their proof is very complicated. In this paper, we give a simpler proof by using the method of oriented areas and mutual coordinates.

马明俊, 邓义杨. 两对相邻等质量的四体共圆中心构型[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(3): 37-43.


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