NST  >> Vol. 5 No. 3 (July 2017)

    Analysis on Transient Working Conditions for Main Water Feeding System of Floating Nuclear Power

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彭明民,管晓纳,李浩杰,刘现星,李刘杰:武汉第二船舶设计研究所,湖北 武汉

浮动核电站给水系统瞬态工况失水量给水流量Floating Nuclear Power Main Water Feeding System Transient Conditions Water Loss Feedwater Flow Rate



Based on the floating nuclear power plant main water feeding system, the water feeding process model from the outlet of deaerator to the outlet of the steam generator is established by using a one-dimensional fluid simulation software Flowmaster. The change of water quantity of steam generator in four transient processes of water supply system is analyzed, includes: a water pump trip in rated state, and standby pump interlock start; a water pump trip in rated state, and standby pump interlock start; main feed-regulating valve is in full open due to failure under no load; main feed-regulating valve is in full open due to failure under full load. The simulation results show that: steam generator water level changes within the scope of the requirements under the feed pump switching transient conditions, which cannot trip the reactor. And according to steam generator water supply curves under the transient conditions, the conservative water flow value is obtained, which is an input to the nuclear island safety analysis, and to make sure the reactor core do not departure from nucleate boiling under these transient conditions.

彭明民, 管晓纳, 李浩杰, 刘现星, 李刘杰. 浮动核电站给水系统瞬态分析[J]. 核科学与技术, 2017, 5(3): 185-193. https://doi.org/10.12677/NST.2017.53024


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