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    宽广温度压强下RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6)的热力学性质
    Thermodynamic Properties of RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6) at Wide Temperature and Pressure

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杨 维,刘 鸿,戴松晖:成都大学信息科学与工程学院,四川 成都

自由体积理论RbxC60 (x = 346)指数势热力学性质Free Volume Theory RbxC60 (x = 346) Exponential Potential Thermodynamic Properties


本文基于自由体积理论(FVT)应用解析平均场近似的方法对RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6)的热力学性质进行研究。根据双指数势模型和文献中的压缩实验数据,拟合得到三套势参数,并对相应的势函数曲线进行了比较分析。在宽广温度和压强下对三种碱金属掺杂富勒烯RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6)的热力学量,包括热膨胀、体积模量、等容热容量、亥姆霍兹自由能进行了计算和分析。我们采用的方法不仅计算简单而且结果与文献中实验数据非常一致。

Based on the free volume theory (FVT), the thermodynamic properties of RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6) are studied by means of analytic mean field approximation. According to the double exponential po-tential model and the compression experimental data in the literature, three sets of potential pa-rameters are obtained, and the corresponding potential function curves are compared and ana-lyzed. The thermodynamic properties of three alkali metal doped fullerene RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6), in-cluding thermal expansion, bulk modulus, constant volume heat capacity and Helmholtz free en-ergy, were calculated and analyzed under wide temperature and pressure. Our method is not only simple in calculation, but also in good agreement with the experimental data in the literature.

杨维, 刘鸿, 戴松晖. 宽广温度压强下RbxC60 (x = 3,4,6)的热力学性质[J]. 应用物理, 2017, 7(11): 313-319.


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