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吕纪增 (2013) 幼儿园幼儿受到攻击后告状行为的发生与发展. 心理研究, 5, 81-85.


  • 标题: 大班幼儿告状行为的调查和应对策略Investigation and Solution Strategies of Preschool Children’s Complain Behavior

    作者: 赵培

    关键字: 学前教育, 幼儿告状行为, 原因, 建议Preschool Education, Children’s Complain Behavior, Reason, Strategies

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.5 No.4, 2015-07-20

    摘要: 本文旨在调查大班幼儿的告状行为,并发现其在自由活动中出现的频率最高,且大多是违背纪律型和攻击型告状行为。分析认为,引起大班幼儿告状行为的原因既有幼儿的性格特点、社交水平不高、对规则认识低、道德发展水平有限等内部因素,也有家长的过度保护、幼儿园空间有限等外部因素。要减少幼儿的告状行为,教师应正确看待幼儿的告状行为,重视培养幼儿的社交能力、规则意识,帮幼儿建立良好的同伴关系,家长也应减少对幼儿的庇护,并与幼儿园配合,形成教育合力。 This paper aims to investigate children’s complain behavior, and then finds that it is highest in the free activity, and most of them are against discipline and aggressive behavior. After analysis we think that the reasons of children’s complain behavior are personality characteristics, low social level, low awareness of the rules, and limited moral development. There are still other external factors like parental over protection, limited kindergarten space and so on. To reduce the complain behavior, teachers should take positive attitude towards children’s complain behavior, pay attention to the cultivation of children’s social skills and awareness of the rules, and help children establish a good companion relationship. At the same time, parents should also reduce the protection of young children and cooperate with the kindergarten, forming educational resultant force to ensure the healthy growth of children.