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高健刚, 夏溟, 李汉忠, 等 (2006) 输尿管口囊肿的微创手术治疗. 中华泌尿外科杂志, 4, 269-271.


  • 标题: 成人输尿管囊肿的诊疗分析(附3例报告并文献复习)A Study of Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Ureter Cyst (Report of 3 Cases and Literature Review)

    作者: 延敏博, 路静, 刘燕, 孙华宾, 郭振宇

    关键字: 输尿管囊肿, 成人, 经尿道电切Ureter Cyst, Adult, Transurethral Resection

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Surgery》, Vol.4 No.2, 2015-07-28

    摘要: 目的:复习成人输尿管囊肿的诊疗原则,提高对成人输尿管囊肿的认识。方法:回顾性分析3例成人输尿管囊肿的临床表现、影像学检查及治疗方法,并结合文献复习。结果:本文3例患者有2例无明显临床症状,依靠超声、IVU和膀胱镜检查明确诊断,均行经尿道输尿管口囊肿电切术,术后随访至今无复发。结论:成人输尿管囊肿临床表现缺乏特异性,主要依靠影像学和膀胱镜检查确诊,治疗上方法众多,经尿道输尿管口囊肿电切术是目前治疗的首选。Objective: To review the principle of diagnosis and treatment of adult ureter cyst and improve the understanding of the disease. Methods: Clinical data of 3 cases of adult ureter cyst were retrospec-tively analyzed, including clinical symptom, image examinations and the treatment, and this dis-ease was reviewed based on literatures. Results: There were 2 patients without obvious clinical symptom of the 3 patients which were diagnosed by ultrasonography, IVU and cystoscope. They were performed transurethral resection of ureter cyst. There is no recurrence after operation till now and. Conclusion: This disease is lack of special clinical symptom; image examination and cys-toscope are helpful to the diagnosis of the disease. Although there are many treatment methods, transurethral resection of ureter cyst is the first remedial choice.