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李成梁, 崔鲁祥 (2008) CBA联赛11年发展历程中我国国内球员的变化分析. 沈阳体育学院学报, 1, 98-101.


  • 标题: 2014~2015赛季CBA联赛国内球员竞技水平的研究及发展建议Research on the Athletics Level of Domestic Players in 2014-2015 CBA Season

    作者: 马博

    关键字: CBA联赛, 竞技水平, 国内球员, 外援, 统计分析CBA League, Athletics Level, Domestic Player, Foreign Player, Statistical Analysis

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Physical Sciences》, Vol.3 No.3, 2015-08-12

    摘要: CBA联赛是国内篮球运动员提升竞技水平和积累比赛经验的大舞台,而随着CBA联赛市场化和职业化的深入发展,CBA联赛19支球队纷纷引进了外籍球员以期提高球队的竞技水平和联赛成绩,也希望外援的加盟能在一定程度上推动国内球员的进步。就在CBA联赛如火如荼发展之际,中国男篮在近几年的亚洲大赛上屡次铩羽而归,甚至失去了“亚洲霸主”的地位,中国男篮竞技水平下滑的背后折射出的是CBA联赛人才造血能力和青少年球员培养方面的不足。本文从2014~2015赛季CBA联赛国内球员与外援竞技水平的对比分析出发,利用一系列统计分析方法,层层深入地分析了国内球员与外援竞技水平差异的状况,总结出国内球员竞技水平的现状,并以此为根据提出了推动CBA联赛国内球员发展和进步的相关建议。 CBA league proves to be a good stage for domestic basketball player to enhance their athletics level and accumulate game experience. With the further development of marketization and professionalization of CBA league, foreign players have been invited by 19 CBA teams, aiming at improving their competitive level and team performance, also hoping to promote the athletics level of domestic players to some extent. Although recent years have witnessed the prosperous development of CBA league, Chinese men’s basketball team has not been endowed with good performance: repeated failures in Asian Champions and even losing the status of “Asian hegemony”. The declining competitive level of Chinese men’s basketball team reflects the lack of talent players and the defect of cultivation of youth players in CBA league. Based on the comparative analysis of athletics level of domestic and foreign players in 2014-2015 CBA season, by means of a range of statistical methods, the obvious gap of their athletics level has been analyzed from simple to complicated and the current athletics level of domestic players has been concluded in this paper. Then, relevant suggestions have been proposed for the progress and development of CBA domestic players according to the above analysis.