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D. Ouelhadj, S. Petrovic, P. I. Cowling, et al. Inter-agent coop- eration and communication for agent-based robust dynamic sche- duling in steel production. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2004, 18(3): 161-172.


  • 标题: 智能制造系统协调方法研究进展Research Progress on Coordination Method for Intelligent Manufacturing System

    作者: 王雷, 康与云

    关键字: 智能制造系统, 协调机制, 协调方法, 动态协调Intelligent Manufacturing System; Coordination Mechanism; Coordination Method; Dynamic Coordination

    期刊名称: 《Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research》, Vol.2 No.1, 2013-02-07

    摘要: 动态多变的制造系统环境中,良好的协调机制对提高制造系统的敏捷性、适应性和鲁棒性等将起到至关重要的作用。在阐述了智能制造系统协调机制意义的基础上,分析了现有协调机制与方法(如基于拉格朗日松弛法的协调、基于合同网的协调、基于Petri Net的协调、基于生物激素的协调等)的国内外研究现状及存在的问题。最后,指出了在智能制造系统中,对协调机制与方法需要进一步的研究方向。Good coordination mechanism will play a crucial role in improving the agility, adaptability and robustness of manufacturing systems in dynamically changing manufacturing systems environment. Based on the significance of co- ordination mechanism for intelligent manufacturing system, the research status between foreign and domestic study progresses on the coordination mechanism and method (such as coordination based on Lagrange Relaxation method, co- ordination based on contract net protocol, coordination based on Petri Net, coordination based on biological hor-mone and pheromone, and so on) is given, some existent problems for coordination mechanism in existent research methods presently are pointed out. Finally, the future research trends of the coordination mechanism and methods for intelligent manufacturing system are presented.