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张海龙, 高东红. 几种电梯运行模式的比较及应用[J]. 数学的实践与认识, 2008, 5: 65-69.


  • 标题: 高层住院楼电梯运行方案的优化Optimization of Elevator Operation Scheme for the High-Rise Ward Buildings

    作者: 阮培媛

    关键字: 高层住院楼, 电梯运行周期, 分段, 奇偶层High-Level In-Patient Department, Elevator Running Period, Segmentation, Parity Layer

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.4 No.4, 2015-11-06

    摘要: 随着现代化医院的快速发展,电梯的运行效率越来越引起人们的关注,因此,提高电梯运行效率,使就诊人员快速到达自己的目的地就显得尤为重要。本文以“把所有乘客运送到目的地所用的时间最短”为目标函数,通过对随机运行方案、分段运行方案和奇偶层运行方案的对比,得到了最优的运行方案。最后,将本文的研究结果用于日照市人民医院的电梯调度中,对电梯的配置提出合理建议。 With the rapid development of modern hospitals, the operation efficiency of the elevator has at-tracted more and more people’s attention. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the operation efficiency of the elevator and make the clinic clients reach quickly their destination. Based on “the shortest time of carrying all passengers to their destination” as the objective function, through the comparison of the random operation scheme, the segmentation operation scheme and the parity layer operation scheme, this paper obtained the optimal operation scheme. In the end, the results of this paper are used to the elevator dispatching in Rizhao People’s Hospital, and some reasonable suggestions of elevator configuration are put forward.