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王春生, 任芳祥. 稠油重力驱渗流速度影响因素分析[J]. 特种油气藏, 2013(5): 97-99.


  • 标题: 稠油油水分异微观流动规律研究The Research of Influx Law for Oil-Water Differentiation Microcosmic Flow on Heavy Oil

    作者: 王春生, 孟珊, 仪记敏, 董国庆, 徐畅

    关键字: 稠油, 油水分异, 微观流动, 数值计算Heavy Oil, Oil-Water Differentiation, Microcosmic Flow, Numerical Calculation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.3 No.6, 2015-11-06

    摘要: 针对稠油油藏理论与实践不同步,油水分异机理不明确等问题。结合启动压力梯度实验结果,利用实验数据拟合阻力系数。通过数值计算,重点分析油相粘度、压力梯度、盲端、油相密度等对微观流动规律影响。最终通过对比不同影响因素下油水相态分布,直观展示稠油油水分异微观流动规律。取得研究成果为揭示稠油油水分异机理提供借鉴,对稠油油藏提高采收率具有重要意义。 For the problems such as not synchronized theory and practice of heavy oil reservoirs and not clear mechanism of profit differentiate, combined with the experimental results of the actuating pressure gradient, we can use the experimental data fitting the coefficient of drag. Using the method of numerical calculation, we analyze the influx law of the viscosity of oil, the pressure gradient, the block, and the density of oil on microcosmic flow especially. Finally by comparing the distribution of oil and water phase under different influential factors, we display the law for the oil-water differentiation microcosmic flow of heavy oil directly. Research results can provide reference for revealing the mechanism of heavy oil profit differentiation, and contribute to EOR of heavy oil reservoirs.