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Kang, H.Y. and Lee, A.H I. (2007) Priority Mix Planning for Semiconductor Fabrication by Fuzzy AHP Ranking. Expert Systems with Applications, 32, 560-570.


  • 标题: 中小企业协同配送中的联盟企业重要度评价方法The Important Evaluation Method for Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises in Collaboration Distribution

    作者: 冉文学, 刘玉杰

    关键字: 中小企业, 联盟企业, 协同配送, 重要度, 网络效率Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises, Alliance Enterprises, Collaborative Distribution, Importance, Network Efficiency

    期刊名称: 《Service Science and Management》, Vol.5 No.6, 2016-11-28

    摘要: 中小企业规模小,自身发展能力有限,在配送方面更是困难重重,因此协同配送是中小企业生存发展的必然选择。本文利用复杂网络相关理论,建立联盟中小企业协同配送网络模型,综合考虑企业技术水平对协同配送网络效率的影响。然后运用复杂网络节点的重要度评价方法,对参与协同配送的联盟企业的重要性进行评价,对比较重要的联盟企业更好的管理,使得协同联盟稳定有效的运行,降低企业在联盟企业管理等方面的协同配送成本,对协同配送中的联盟企业利益分配、成本分摊有一定的指导意义。 Small and medium-sized enterprises in small scale, self-development capacity is limited, in terms of distribution is more difficult. So collaborative distribution is an inevitable choice for the survival and development of small and medium sized enterprises. This article bases on complex network theory, builds medium-sized and small enterprises collaboration distribution network model and comprehensive considers the effect of enterprises technological level for collaboration distribution network efficiency. Besides, this paper makes use of the method of importance evaluation of complex network nodes to rank alliance enterprises with importance. This paper aims at better management of alliance enterprises, operates alliance enterprises stable and efficient, and reduces the cost of collaboration distribution in alliance enterprises management. Thereby it has some guiding significance for alliance enterprises management and resource distribution in the process of collaboration distribution.